Top 5 Tips for Being Photographed on Your Wedding Day

Wedding Photographer in Brighton Neil W. Shaw

Every wedding I photograph I think of ways that the wedding could have gone better had the couple had some handy tips and done a little homework, after all you’re spending a lot of money on a photographer and you should really try and get your best out of them. Here are my handy hints for improving your Sussex wedding photography experience.


1. Allocate enough time to couple shots.

Everyone loves shots of a newly-wed couple still basking in the buzziness of the wedding ceremony. These photos are always pretty funky and will be the way you remember your wedding when the years slowly break into your brain-box and burglarise your memories. Some couples see these shots as a second thought, but allocating an hour or two for your couple shots will mean that you can relax and enjoy it (yes, it can be really fun). Keeping it a little bit more relaxed means your man with a cam has plenty of time and the right mood to get creative.


2. Clear Up!
Have you ever seen wedding photos with detritus strewn all over a bedroom? No? That’s because it ruins pictures! So if background rubbish can’t be photoshopped out, great pictures can go to waste. A photographer having to tidy up other folks bits and bobs is a waste of good photography time and an expensive cleaning job! A quick tidy up is all it takes to keep proceedings running smoothly.


3. Give some thought to locations.
There’s a good chance that your photographer has a few choice locations up his sleeve, however don’t count on them knowing the venue/location. Also your photographer probably doesn’t know you very well or doesn’t know you at all so a good call would be taking some ideas or pictures of some locations to give your photographer a hand with what you are after. If it’s a sunny day, that is good for you but bad for photos due to harsh shadows so expect some couple photos in shaded locations.


4. Don’t go overboard with the group shots.

Have you ever been to a wedding and enjoyed an extensive group photo session? Probably not. Have you ever enjoyed flicking through reams of staged photos, all exactly the same bar different configurations? Once upon a time, it was fashionable to have lots of posed photos of couple with Bride’s family, couple with grooms family, couple with dad’s dog’s 2nd cousin twice removed. These days it’s favourable to keep it short and sweet.

Your photographer will of course be more than happy to take as many photos as you like, he or she is being paid to do this but for everyone’s sanity set a reasonable limit, say 5-10 key photos.


5. Don’t skimp on your photography budget

“Well he would say that, he’s a wedding photographer” I hear you say. Being a wedding photographer has exposed me to people offering wedding photography who may not naturally lend themselves to the craft. If  it seems too good to be true then it most probably is, so make sure that your photographer is trustworthy/reliable, has a good eye and has decent (and backup) kit.

The top priorities for your wedding day should be dress and a photographer and everything else should fit around these. After all, your photographs will be the way you remember everything, gambling with a budget photographer could be the biggest mistake of your day.


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