2015 Wedding Awards

In 2014 gay marriage was made legal and so 2015 was full steam ahead with same-sex weddings and where better to hold them than in the gay capital of the UK – Brighton! I photographed two gay weddings and they were both awesome with relaxed couples, loads of interesting, smiley guests and bags of fun all round. One of those weddings is due to appear over on the lovely Whimsical Wonderland Weddings blog very soon…watch this space. As 2015 was such a good year I’ve decided I’m going to hold my own awards ceremony (is it OK to be the sole judge in your own awards ceremony? Definitely not, but let’s do it anyway because it’s fun!).

Katie and Ross

The award for loveliest theme would have to be Katie and Ross’ wedding, you could tell that Katie has a really great eye for colour and style with her cool polka dot dress and vintage chic accessories. Thanks for having me as your Sussex wedding photographer!



Sarah and Peter

I think my favourite set of photos had to be the windmill shots I did for Sarah and Peter over on the coast road near Saltdean – it was such a lovely spot with perfect photography weather – a beautiful blanket of light-dispersing cloud and the couple were really relaxed and smiley so it made things fun.


James and Sam

Award for cutest couple goes to James and Sam whose pre-wedding hug photo was a really intimate moment that I am very happy I managed to capture – with absent light providing a grainy loveliness to the spontaneous moment. Also James’ post-marriage ‘punching the air’ was a really lovely moment that stirred the congregation’s emotions.




Simon and James

And finally…the award for best party AND snazziest suit lining has to go to Simon and James whose friend list was full of interesting Brighton eccentrics such as Michael “Atters” Attree. The party was such good fun in fact that I stayed on for a few beers and a bit of a dance!




Looking forward to a jam-packed year of wedding photography for 2016!

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