Wedding – Roselle and James- Bishop Hannington Church Hove

Roselle and James had the masterstroke to choose to have their ceremony and reception in exactly the same venue – Bishop Hannington Church in Hove. No ferrying people from one place to the next – all you need is some strong men to change the room around! I was impressed with the idea and with the clear way that Roselle and James had organised it all, no doubt Roselle’s skills as an architect came into their own here.

The day began with Roselle getting ready at her parents house in on sunny day in Hove where I spent time getting some candid shots of the family going about their business in preparation for the big moment.

A beautiful ceremony followed where the sunlight came gushing through the church windows – fairly unusual in fact how bright it was for a church for the photography but very much appreciated by yours truly 🙂

We then went to Withdean Park and surrounding area for the couple shots and I’d only taken a couple of pics by the pond when a frantic spaniel started bounding over to us, jumped into the water, had a quick swim and then leapt out (now drenched in pond gunk) and commenced furiously stampeding towards the dapper groom and the bride in her pristine white dress. Well what happened then can only now be remembered in slow motion, since as soon as James started to ward the dog away I realised I had to sacrifice my white shirt for the sake of the stunningly clad couple and set about fending off the ferocious hound whilst getting fully splashed in pond scum in the process. And that’s exactly the sort of service you will get when you book me for your wedding, ladies and gentlemen.

Following our dice with the spaniel vandal we rejoined the crew for what was my favourite party this year; a lovely meal and then an extra special ending with a ceilidh. It was amazing to see so many people up dancing and having the time of their lives – a great idea for a high energy end to your party – much more interesting than the usual wedding tunes plus lots of opportunities to get some fun photos of everyone jigging away.

The best part was that by the end of the night Chinese whispers had led to me being “the guy who wrestled the angry spaniel”.

Roselle and James – thank you so much for the opportunity to shoot such a well rounded day – all your planning paid off and made the day extremely fun for everyone! Best wishes to you both for a long and very happy marriage x

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