Wedding – Charlotte and Rob

I love Brighton seafront weddings, it’s like the jewel in the Sussex weddings. I consider myself to be very fortunate as a wedding photographer since the iconic backdrop that Brighton provides makes taking great wedding photos a real pleasure. Being out-of towners, Charlotte and Rob’s day had a great mix of the quintessential Brighton wedding visitor hotspots; bandstand, pier, beach huts, deck chairs.

When photographing I try to stay fairly composed but these two just kept the laughs coming! As I asked Rob to romantically kiss Charlotte’s hand, taking a sniff he asked her “where have you had your hand?”, of course he was kidding (I hope). Coloured smoke grenades provided the finale to the couple shots which epitomised what these guys were about; wild, unconventional and bags of fun.

Rob, Charlotte thank you for making me feel so welcome on your day. All the best for the future!