Top 5 Brighton First Dates

Brighton is jam-packed full of first date possibilities in pubs and restaurants, but a little bit of imagination can go a long way when it comes to standing out from the pack. Plus, if you do end up getting together, it would be nice to have a memorable story rather than “remember the smell of the pub toilets on our first date?”. With that, here follows a little bit of inspiration to assist you on your journey to happiness!

1. Krater Comedy Club at The Komedia

This is a very popular choice for first dates, I explain why I know this in my top tip below. The award-winning Krater Comedy Club has become a bit of an institution in Brighton and it’s not hard to see why. The event, which appears every Thursday through to Sunday, plays host to the best comedians on the circuit and is a near-guaranteed laugh a minute. First date-wise, it’s a winner since if you’re a victim of the dreaded first-date nerves, the problem is instantly fixed by the onus being on the comedians to entertain whilst you relax into the evening all whilst ensuring that you get some Dutch courage down you.

Top-tip – Get there early and whatever you do, do not sit at the front. The compère WILL pick on you and will be punching the air if he finds out you’re on a first date so that he can use his cleverly honed, awkwardness-instigating material on you.

2. Wine Tasting at Ten Green Bottles.

Once the preserve of hoity-toity, plummy, slurpy-spitty types, wine has had somewhat of a renaissance in more recent years. In the same way that locally brewed ales have become a lot more popular within the 25-35 age bracketed, jaded beer drinkers; sick of generic, cookie cutter, hangover inducing lagers, wine is beginning to enjoy a revitalised and fashionable step into the limelight. Ten Green Bottles is a relatively recent incarnation of the dated-in-an-eighties-way idea of a ‘wine bar’. Essentially a very good off-license with comfortable seating, TGB hold organised wine-tastings which would be ideal for a first or second date. These lads know what they’re talking about too, with many years of experience they will impart onto you in a sitting. It’s interesting, it’s fun, it takes the pressure off and most of all you drink lots and lots of lovely wine.

3. Sea Life Centre. Brighton Wheel & Pier

It’s likely if you’re from Brighton that you would overlook these popular tourist attractions. After all, being a non-tourist, there is no natural time to check out these attractions. So when faced with the possibility of wooing a potential significant other, it could be rude not to consider this. Naturally, you’ll want to start off on a good foot, so coming up with a memorable, inventive plan like this might get a few extra brownie points. All this whilst having a great time seeing parts of the city so often missed out on.

Top Tip – Do not be tempted to dine here:-

4. The Royal Pavilion

This beautiful building is another one of these attractions that might just bee overlooked, but an original idea like this could be a good beginning to a nice evening. Dinner at Sabai Thai Gastrobar is just a short stroll away and then the town beckons for after-dinner drinks.

5. Western Road Pub Crawl

Bearing in mind my initial comments on pubs as a first date location, with a bit of thought this could turn into a really fun evening. If both parties are booze-inclined, Western Road (and the surrounding area) has a healthy collection of rather lovely pubs. The Pull and Pump, The Temple Bar, The Wick Inn, The Robin Hood, The Lion & Lobster, Bee’s Mouth are all good boozers. With a bit of planning you could organise a route via a nice restaurant and end up making sure each other get home safely.

Good luck all of you daters, and when those wedding bells start ringing, remember who to call for your Brighton wedding photography!

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