When I heard about Patchfest, I was delighted to see yet another community-led festival in Brighton (with Kemptown carnival in recent memory). It was when I looked up the location, it got me scratching my head. A small park, half way up Elm Grove called William Clarke Park? Upon being slightly disappointed that I had unknowingly lived 2 minutes away from a lovely green space for two whole years, it was upon further investigation that I found out a little about it’s history.

William Clark Park is part of the location of the old Kemptown Railway. Known locally as the Patch, it is situated on the site of Hartington Halt, a former railway cutting on the Kemp Town line that was land filled during the 1970s. If you have time, do a bit of Googling about all of this, if you like your Brighton history you’ll find it very interesting stuff.

The entrance to Kemptown Tunnel as it is today.

Nowadays it’s main use is as a place for children to play and more recently, Patchfest. Run by The Friends of William Clarke Park, a not-for-profit community organisation, their main aim is to improve this little green patch. They can give each other a big pat on the back then because this festival was really well organised, and with the weather so beautiful, the vibe was buzzing. Loads to do for a really enjoyable day out for the whole family; music stages, a beer tent (for the mums and dads), wood-fired pizzas, inflatable play things, stalls, candy floss and loads more. Long may it continue!

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