Brighton Pride 2013

How would you describe Brighton Pride to someone who has never been? Well I’ll give it a go, in a nutshell it’s the biggest street party/festival/carnival that you’ll probably ever go to, the whole of Brighton shuts down normal operations in aid of a city-wide street party. It’s kind of bizarre to see whole swathes of your home town transform into one big, weekend-long, hedonistic celebration.

This year’s Pride was the 40th anniversary and the first for me whereby I have attended the ticketed party in Preston Park. The party used to be free up until a couple of years ago when they start charging for it, in part prompted by the spiralling costs associated with the clean-up and policing effort and diminishing sponsorship funds. It seems that they’re still working out how to best implement ticketing since I have never seen queues this long before, two queues possibly a quarter of a mile each (not even kidding)!

A tip for anyone going next year; definitely pre-order your ticket because this allows you to jump the queue. I think the organisers also need to make an extra entrance for ticket holders and charge a lot less on the website and more at the gate in order to encourage the pre-purchase of tickets. Anyway, hopefully next year the queueing issues will get sorted and everyone will be able to get on with the party!

Having said all that, the event was awesome and everyone was clearly having a great time, so kudos to the organisers for throwing an awesome party!

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