6 things you need to decide before meeting your wedding photographer

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Most wedding photographers will meet with you prior to the big day in order to establish the finer details of your wedding; discuss timings and any special requests that you may have for example. Here are some things I recommend you should have in your notes prior to meeting your wedding photographer to get the very best out of the meeting.

Meeting your wedding photographer – how to prepare

How many group photos do you want on your wedding day?

Most weddings nowadays focus on the fun rather than reams and reams of staged shots. Many will know the feeling where the group shots just go on and on and that’s no fun for anyone! Personally, I focus on the candid shots but it’s certainly a major requirement that many couples will have to do some family /close friends group shots. Try to ensure that you stick to a reasonable number of shots – no one ever really needs more than say 10-15 shots and you should be to get all of the major configuration down within that number.

wedding photographer brighton

How much time are you allotting for the couple shots?

This is quite variable depending on your day and personal preference but from experience, couples tend to spend anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour on couple wedding shots. I think a healthy amount to assign (depending on your day) would probably be around 45 mins. Of course this can change depending on the weather or the venue but if you assign a little bit more than you think you need then you will ensure that you get back in time for the next part of your wedding day. On the day it will be very difficult to get away from people wanting to congratulate. Also speak to the venue to see if they have any requirements.

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What do the timings of the wedding day look like?

Any photographer worth their salt will discuss with you the order of proceedings of the wedding day, but it will very much help if you already have a good idea about how the day will pan out before you meet your wedding photographer. If the venue is doing the food and leading the proceedings then this will be decided prior to your wedding meeting – ensure that you bring the timings to discuss this. Make sure that your wedding photographer has enough time to do all of their couple and group shots.

Do we have to feed our wedding photographer?

It’s natural for couples to wonder whether they need to feed their wedding photographer. It is usual practice to feed the photographer however most of the time many venues will throw in a reduced price meal for the photographer (or any other hired hands for that matter) so you aren’t footing the same cost per head as a guest. Asking your wedding photographer for their food choices and dietary needs is thoughtful too.

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Is there anything we need to provide the wedding photographer to assist them?

The photographer will require a group shot list and any other special requests before the day. You should also discuss the feasibility of someone being assigned the task of rounding up the troops, especially if there are lots of guests. Make sure that you arrange for everyone who needs to be in the photos to be in one place so that it is easy for them to be called into their photos.

A location for a big group photo?

If you have decided to have a big group photo there is one big dependency – your photographer needs to be up high. Your photographer may not have been to the wedding venue before and so it would be a great help if you have decided to have a group photo to let them know of any potential elevated locations for this so that your wedding photographer can prepare in advance.

wedding photographer brighton

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