Metrodeco – Sunday tea in Brighton

By Brighton Wedding Photographer and Events Photographer – Neil W. Shaw

Kemptown has plethora of independent places selling bits to eat and drink, in fact it’s a wonder they all stay in business with the competition being so rife. There’s nothing quite like a nice pot ‘o’ tea, a sandwich, a slice of cake and a good old natter on a Sunday afternoon (well apart from a nice pint and a roast of course, or Alton Towers).

Metrodeco is an odd little 1930’s styled venue in one of the shopping outposts after Saint James’s Street ends. This place is almost as if a furniture shop has decided that it also likes selling tea/cakes (I think that’s actually what has happened) and is using some of the said furniture plus various other nic nacs to adorn the floors and walls. A healthy range of teas and coffees were on offer, Fiona went for some minty concoction that I’m sure would be enjoyed by those who enjoy minty concoctions (I exclude myself from that category). I went for the sexual sounding Oolong tea which was marketed somewhere between green and black tea. I’ve got to be honest, the smell reminded me of bad breath (and yes, this was before it went anywhere near my mouth, you wise guy!)…however the taste was much nicer than that indeed and I ended up sinking the whole pot.

The BLT sandwich (pictured below) was excellent as was the carrot cake (also pictured below) which is one of my favourite cakes, just in case you need to ever know. Some greedy-guts girls behind us ordered between two of them a pile of cakes that had them truly on their way to morbid obesity, the menu told us that this set them back £18, but it looked beautiful, well worth the early heart disease and abnormal cholestrol levels.

If you’re ever in Kemptown and fancy a sip and a chomp, get involved with Metrodeco for a bit of 1930’s glamour.

They’d thought of everything…the timer tells you when it’s ready to be drunk.

Oolong tea. Smells like bad breath, doesn’t taste like bad breath, although probably gave me bad breath.

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